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Welcome to Hireview

Hireview is a business consulting company that offers employer branding, recruitment and executive search services

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The right people, doing the right things, the right way​

With our wealth of expertise in guiding numerous global organizations through their strategic talent acquisition plans, as well as experience of successfully building employer brands, we have the know-how needed to deliver the best solution and the best results. We aim to provide a service that is a byword for excellence.

Brand has a strong impact on a candidate’s perception of a company. That is why we see employer branding as an integral part of any talent attraction strategy. All our employee brand solutions are delivered by our experienced team of human resource, marketing and communications experts. They can come as part of our integrated recruitment package or as a standalone solution.

Instead of simply matching skills and experience, our recruitment strategy is focused on finding the right personality for your business. That‘s why we take time to understand your work culture so we can source the kind of talent - from niche specialists to skilled business leaders - that will drive your company's long-term growth and success.

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Employer Branding

We believe that a successful employer brand can only be built by aligning the views of managers, employees and external parties into one unified whole. That’s why we can help to strengthen your position as a good place to work through the analysis of:

- Company strategy, objectives, and business perspectives

- Employees’ perception

- External view of the company’s competitors

Once we’ve collected and analyzed the data, we’ll help you establish your employer value proposition and set your communication plan.

Hireview can also assist with your online candidate experience. We can help you to optimize your careers page and refine your digital presence to reflect your employer brand.

All our employee brand solutions can come as part of our integrated recruitment package or as a standalone solution and are delivered by members of our experienced team of HR, marketing and communications experts.

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Hireview specializes in finding, attracting and placing the best professional talents. We view recruitment as a part of your entire talent management strategy and not as a separate service, and our broad experience in HR management allows us to deliver more multi-faceted solutions. Hireview’s mission is to deliver a service that can be measured by the quality, and not just the quantity, of the candidates it delivers. Our evaluation process ensures that only professionals that meet our personal and professional criteria are presented to you. Over 90% of the candidates we provide continue working beyond their probation period.

Our Top 3 industries are:

1) Technology

2) Financial services

3) Sales   

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Executive Search

It is your executives and other key level managers who are the key to driving your organization towards success. That is why getting the right person for these positions is essential. It has been proven that hiring the wrong candidate can come at quite a cost  - up to 10 monthly salaries in fact. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their business strategy and culture and generate value through excellence. Apart from single position search we can help you to build teams that will grow your organization. In addition, we provide market data, compensation guidance and coaching to assist our clients during the hiring process.

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Why You Should Choose Us


We have experience in assisting numerous international companies in location assessment, decision making and soft landing in Lithuania. Leveraging our deep understanding of the local market, we consult industry leaders through their journey of setting up and augmenting their operations.


We build bridges between companies and the kind of talent they need. And once this bridge is in place, businesses can create networks of the right people, allowing them to scale effectively and optimize results. For every challenge we look for the solution that works best for your business, and build that strategy together with you.


We have experience of building a company from 0 to the most desired employer in the country, including building successful teams and growing organizations. We believe that consulting is about more than just advice and we are there to make those changes that contribute to your bottom line.

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Our Team of Experts

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Managing Partner

Mrs. Smailiene has been a partner at Hireview since 2018. Prior to this, she worked as head of HR at Ruptela, growing the company from a start-up to a global company of 220 employees which was named the most desired employer in 2017. Her previous work experience was centered around executive search and consulting as Senior Consultant at the international company People Management.

Mrs. Smailene holds a Master‘s degree in Organisational Psychology from Vilnius University.


Partner/Business Development

Mr. Kropas has been a partner at Hireview since 2018. He was previously part of Invest Lithuania, and had, since 2015, worked as a Senior Investment Advisor helping to attract business service FDI projects to Lithuania. Prior to his time at Invest Lithuania, Mr. Kropas was part of the Western Union Business Services Center in Vilnius, working with new business enrolment across Europe.

Mr. Kropas holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Economics from ISM University and a Master‘s degree in International Business from Brunel University London.

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